2015-10-06 05:41:23 by BeeSeaCC


So, in my personal life,something that I would love to share with everyone is that I have successfully got a brand spankin' new job at Riot Arts And Crafts.

Its absouletly amazing, but also, when you're talking to so many creative peopleyou get ideas and you get inspired by your customers on new awesome projects to do! I haven't been drawing much at all but I have been working on a few sneaky things. One I won't be able to post until after October the 30th.

One thing I have done recently is a small DIY project on an old rusted tealight holder.I had some tips from the great work colleges and customers. I made it look beach themed, which you can checkout here.

I will be working on something for Halloween because its that time of the year!

I will make more of an effort to post more content :)


Thank you for your time and support,




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2015-10-07 01:34:16

That Freddie cake... I want me sum! :3

BeeSeaCC responds:

Its all gone!!!